Monday 5 March 2007

Fantasy World #2

Since one of my fantasies has now been fulfilled, let me tell you about another. (By the way, it was every bit as good as I had dreamed – I drearily log on and suddenly the comments digit has miraculously morphed into an 8. Or did the moderator box reveal itself first, with its treasure of 8 unread messages? I can’t remember. It’s all an Oscar Night-type blur. If there had been a hidden camera - like on one of those shows where for the purposes of popular humiliation they surprise an unknowing, blank-faced victim, slumped open-legged on his sofa - my face would have been a picture.)

Anyway, back to the fantasy. I get up in the morning and while I’m sleepily transferring chocolate covered cereal into a cracked plastic bowl, the phone rings. It’s Bob. “Hi Bob”, I say, unsurprised to hear his voice on the phone at this time of the morning. “Hi Stay at home dad” he replies. “What say we get the kids off to school and then round to mine to watch the cricket?” (It’s quite a timely fantasy, this one.) “Great.” I say, “Then we can meet Tom down at the Cow and Bottle for lunch and a couple of beers.” “Perfect”, says Tom “And we can all collect the kids together, get them home and settle in for a session.” We agree that it sounds an excellent plan and ring off.

It could happen. No? No, probably not. Back to chipping off encrusted Coco-pops then…


Anonymous said...

Hi there i've found you from Might I suggest you copy your blog en-mass and then recreate the title and meta TAGS ETC. THE VERY FACT YOU LOST THAT STOP WILL CAUSE ENDLESS PROBLEMS IF NOT NOW THEN LATER WHEN THE BLOG IS BIGGER. jUST A SUGGESTION. kEEP UP THE GOOD WORK,

Anonymous said...

I agree with a comment on your earlier blog that there are very few stay at home dads. My husband did it for a while when I was posted abroad and it was quite lonely. One of the more advanced mothers invited him to a coffee group but gradually all the others dropped out - their husbands didn't approve of there being a man at the group! Good luck. Love the blog.

Stay at home dad said...

That sounds like a good idea m, I must do it (which is what I always say when I am putting something off..)

Thanks for the kind words both of you. Anonymous #2, that pinpoints my worst fears - not only do I suspect that to be the case but now I realise it really is!