Tuesday 24 April 2007

Back to School

The grey morning after a sunny day is a mood not often expressed. It’s like waking up with a hangover, or suddenly recalled guilt. Momentum lost. A car braked. Nothing, where something was. The grey London pelmet can be a dispiriting sight and aptly signals the end of the school holidays.

So how did I do?

Helped arrange nice holiday in Cotswolds. A+
Trip to see grandparents. A
A couple of playdates. A-
Went to the park a lot. B+

“This was Stay at home dad’s first proper school holidays and he tried hard, with successes in several areas. Notably he displayed skill in arranging a very pleasant spring break. Some subjects do need to be addressed however: namely a tendency to permit too much television viewing. Promising overall.”

Well that’s just my take, of course. And I realized it was time for my daughter to start school again when I found myself having a stand-up row with her in the street over the correct theme tune to new CBeebies show Mama Mirabelle. I said it was “Mama Mirabelle’s ho-ome mo-vies…” She said "Mama Mirab-e-elle’s home movies…” (I was right.)

Talking of television. Another week, another child survey. Dr Aric Sigman’s survey on TV watching was recycled after his meeting with MPs yesterday. While I don’t necessarily disagree with some of his conclusions – although no TV for under 3s is patently absurd - I do object to being told how to bring up my child by a man with his own website (never trust someone with their photo plastered all over their home page).

“I’ve got four children myself” I heard him declare proudly on the radio yesterday in response to a mother’s pleas. Hmm. According to his website he frequently travels to exotic locations halfway across the globe (why?) and on website City Speakers International is listed as a broadcaster, consultant psychologist, business speaker (charge band £4000-£7000) and after dinner speaker. Now it may be unfair of me to suggest, but apart from having a vested interest in being controversial, does he really have time for much childcare do you think? Trying to feed a baby while a toddler moans about being bored and wanting to watch CBeebies? Desperately attempting to finish a household chore or bit of work, with a child at a loose end? I would suspect not. Thanks doctor but I’ll see myself out.


Cathy said...

There's nothing wrong with a little cbbc or cbeebies time...and when they bore of TV try the website!

Sometimes kids need a little down time rather than constantly rushing from one activity to another.

Stay at home dad said...

Agreed. And why on earth do you need a study to tell you that your child shouldn't watch 10 hours TV a day?

Jan said...

THere is NOTHING nicer than a swift 10 minutes viewing Charlie and Lola's TV antics.
Lola has the most lovely voice and my grandson is enchanted; he is Totally In Love.
And I have JUST discovered brilliant paper C+L plates/ drinking straws are available from a wonderful company based in Cornwall called " Letterbox" .
Is it depressing you...comments from grannies about such trivialities...!?

Stay at home dad said...

No, of course not! In fact your question is making me laugh so it is quite the reverse...

There's not much that is better than Charlie & Lola. Clever, cute and funny for both child and (grand)parent.